Sawatch Boat Company is a small little raft manufacturing company founded in Leadville, Colorado in 2016 by former river guides with a mission of providing the best value in the raft market by cutting out the middleman and offering customized rafts for everyone.

With years of experience on the river rafting commercially and privately, both daily and on expeditions, we care about raft performance and know the little details can make the difference. 

When we set out to design our rafts, we were looking for versatility: rafts that could play multiple roles, that were at home on the big water in the Spring and the low water in the Fall. That could be a daily cruiser or loaded down for a multi-day trip. And most importantly, rafts that would last for years through whatever you put them through. 

We believe that small business works best when you keep it small, focusing on quality and customer service rather than volume of output. That's why we like doing custom orders, where you can make the raft yours. We also like to have some cool rafts sitting around the warehouse in case you can't wait.


And we invest thousands of hours in research and development to make sure our rafts live up to our word. If you have any issue with your SBC raft, we're here to fix it or replace it and get you back on the water.