Cutthroat 14'

Making dreams come true.

If you want one boat that does it all, look no further. With plenty of rocker, beefy tubes and a standard drop-stitch floor, this is the boat that is just at home on the big water fishing for trout as it is crushing rapids.

  • 20" tubes, 0.9mm 1100 denier PVC

  • Anti-slip chafing strip around topside

  • Thermo-bonded seams

  • Reinforced underside with additional 0.9mm 1100 denier PVC layer

  • Drop-stitch floor that inflates to a rigid 10 PSI for superior stability while standing

  • 4 chambers, 3 easy-attach thwarts

  • Leafield C7 valves

  • 6 handles, 14 D-rings