Minnow 10'

Say hello to your new favorite toy.

The perfect size for you and your buddy. Or you, your girlfriend and your dog. Let's just say you'll have options. With lots of rocker, reinforced underside and a bit more girth in the middle for stability, the Minnow is the ultimate paddleraft.

  • 17" tubes, 0.9mm 1100 denier PVC

  • Anti-slip chafing strip around topside

  • Thermo-bonded seams

  • Reinforced underside with additional 0.9mm 1100 denier PVC layer

  • Self-bailing floor with large drain holes

  • 4 chambers, 2 easy-attach thwarts

  • Leafield C7 valves

  • 6 handles, 12 D-rings